Friday, October 16, 2009

Baku Nights

Having a night in baku
is like a new adventure
knowing where to go in baku
is not meant for the amateur
Phoenix bar is the starting point
where roma playsthe nicest joint
then u get pretty hungry
and that my friend makes me angry
run down to champions bar
where pizza is perfect with beer so far
now more live bands
shh head to the corner bar
small but with a large crowd
like a family having a night out
time for more drinkks huh
the night not over yet
but u feel like dancing i bet
in as much as i hate to say this
crossroads will be the dancing studio
well u in if u not black or azeri
lets face it, they say we cause more troubles
if u lucky to leave early
u might catch a beer in strangers
two sexy ladies being nice to u
red lion is only a second option
not so comfy for me i guess
refresh is where ur money runs flat
looking for something extra
well that's my little secret
cuz sometimes baku nights can be special
in a much more different way
beer, cigarrettes a girl and a good movie to watch at home
saves the wallet, keeps the energy
just bored that's all
dunno why i thought of this

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