Friday, October 23, 2009

The Passion of Depression

Sometimes when u decide to throw your heart into a basket, u spend so much time getting excited and forget to carry the basket before the blood drains out. i look at my past and laugh at my silly mistakes. the wrong steps i along the line. "i feel like dying" has become more than a song and maxwell seems to fade away. hoping it turns around but how can i proof innocence when i am already categorized. My past begins to hurt like a starving mosquito from Africa . Yes i plucked some flowers in my early days that doesn't mean the bee should continue to sting me or the owner scream at me. i moved on and found a garden where i could be forever. Well the mind started to run and i decided to be nice but that led to a fire which was hard to quench. just when the plants start growing another fire started. the flower seems to think i don't care because i have other ones. but i never went near other flowers or even plucked them. now i'm standing outside the garden getting worried. don't know what i would do if i see someone else near the flower.i have become a fool amongst others. some tell me i am stupid and dumb. wait isn't that almost the same. Will sit here by the fence and hope that the flower calls out to me. emmm hope is but a lie and we chooseto believe it

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