Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Rights to think

Yesterday, i had two groups of students. a conversation class i mean. and come to think of it, they both had completely different abstract ideas. some of them were good, but it got me thinking. Azerbaijan has a small population and yet very diverse background. some families raise their kids based on tradition and others allow them raise them selves. now the kids decide to listen,pretend to listen or just tell them off. Due to this system, some people end up making decisions based on what the last person did and how people react to it. they tend to lose the art of creativity.let me put this way. Some time ago i was asking a general question. and it goes like this " if u had 5 million AZN, what would u do with it?" the first person talked about a house, cars, travelling around the world. the next person said the same thing and it continued until a 14 year old boy said he would use his money on a huge nuclear weapon and create a sense of security for his people. after him, ideas started changing to investments, jobs, education etc. to me, it was indirectly telling me that if he had not spoken about the nuclear weapons, the whole class would have spoken on cars and leisure and just 5 percent will actually plan to spend it on something more useful. Well the class isn't the only place this happens. it is everywhere. i can't just jump into the big business ideas here in Azerbaijan because it is not my place. this is the internet wow. okay i will like to understand how a sports minister gets a contract to build a hospital when we still have the ministry of health or why two young boys are thrown in prison when the whole public knows whose fault it is. Well i'm not trying to make a direct statement which i already did ha ha but i will love to see people think for themselves. you don't want to end up like most americans. they allow the entertainment industry mess up their minds. How? 8 out of 10 people know paris hilton but don't know the capital of france, they know the all actors and actresss but don't know the president of canada or even the governors of most states. they know america is fight a war but don't know innocent women and children are also killed on daily bases. except the sep 11, 68 american die from terrorist act each year while over a 100,000 die from obesity and smoking each year. When did people stop thinking. it is so cool to have GQ magazines, Cosmopolitan or Istiot on your hand and read it on the bus, home etc but u are automatically a freak or a weirdo if you decide to carry your chemistry book or history book. Why did they not put chemistry magazine in the market. Spending millions on advertisements each year. well advertise the schools. In conclusion,i would say we are losing our rights to think. soon the people in power will think for us and we will be like a flock of sheep waiting to be directed home
Vincent Teku 9;17 am Oct 18 2009

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