Friday, October 16, 2009

Wind of change

Tear drops could feel a cup
money could put u on top
lets face the reality
we all need change
when i think of it i am lucky
u are lucky, we are lucky
i sit at home complaining to myself
wanting to go out for drinks
wanting to buy that nice shirt
wanting to change my mobile phone
but there are people who don't have what we have
they have no parents, no homes, no food
no education, no freedom, no life
it is sad but true
we are tearing apart
we should come together to help those really in need
i am not bothered by what they say
call me that black boy on the street
the kid from africa
it still doesn't change a thing
people are out there being killed, tortured, raped
they are the ones i should be worried about
no we should be worried about
we try to hide by listening to the hottest tracks
or watching movies
watch the news
look at the wars
from sri lanka to Gaza
from south america to africa
pirates at seas
threats of nuclear wars
financial crisis
we are deeply in need of change
we can be optimistic
put our heads together and make it a better place
lets create the wind of change
afterall the word impossible should be extinct
and let unity be the essence of our existence

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