Friday, October 16, 2009

The Truth

A man once told me
for every step u take in life
there are rewards and consequences
it doesn't matter if it's good or bad
so for every mistake i made in the past
i knew that one day i would suffer the consequence
and for every right path i made
i knew i would rip the fruit
as a matter of fact
if we all wanna face the truth
life is not as hard as it seems
we are sometimes too young to understand
or too playful to notice
we are the future
the next generation will depend on us
let's drop the hatred at the door
hug and shake hands
and one day we will all have a better future
we can control time and not allow time control us
we can be pioneers and not just followers
freedom of speech is a powerful weapon
love is a strong contract
living in peace and harmony is the dream of the masses
why don't we all begin to choose how path wisely
don't let ur beliefs bring in division
it's easy to break a stick, but not a bunch at the same time
united we stand, divided we fall
your future is in your hands

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